With our collective experience and proprietary training modules, we are well geared to help businesses overcome marketing obstacles or simply improve on existing performance. We use innovative approaches that combine with time tested principals. We base our strategies on data and are committed to test before rolling out. We offer our clients a committed solution as stakeholders in the project if need be. In short, we are willing to walk our talk as your marketing consultant.


“What will happen if we train our staff and then they leave us”?

“What will happen if we don’t”?

With a background knowledge gained from a collective 60 years in the marketing profession, Direct Solutions has created a range of training modules that can be delivered in-house. Ranging from strategic planning to financial measurement and creative development, there are 12 in total and all delivered by acknowledged industry experts.

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Customer Connect

A CRM software package that manages your customer and prospect database with a record of all their interactions with you. It also allows you to run a multitude of promotions at the same time, communicate with individuals via SMS, email of voice calls in automated processes, run group surveys and analyse every customer across a wide range of selections. And all on the cloud.

This is the ONLY software in Sri Lanka with such a broad vision and delivery including managing reward programmes and pre scheduled messaging.

Response Advertising

Persuading someone to act is the hardest job in advertising but we have been running response generating campaigns for 15 years. Not to mention what we did before we formed Direct Solutions.

There is a big difference between brand and response advertising and DS are past masters at the latter.

From email to SMS, leaflets to press ads; inserts to blogs; social media posts and telemarketing scripts, Direct Solutions can – and does – create them all with one goal in mind.

To get the reader to act NOW.

Direct Talk

Upload your customer list, edit and update them whenever and even add your potential customers to this unique and easy to use database management tool.

You can then communicate with them on any chosen media by compiling a customized list based on any criteria you have recorded. That means you can have a special communication going to your top customer list or even by gender and branch location. It is a versatile tool and you can get as creative on your list compilation.

Direct Talk also allows you to record inbound call details and scheduling of responses too.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

As a company dealing in data, we believe strongly in both ethics and compliance to any regulations that may affect the use of data.

Which is why we have formed GDPRLanka – a group of experienced individuals well versed in Law, Communications and Technology and how it applies to the new European General Data Protection Regulations.

If you deal with anyone in Europe as part of your business, you need to know how GDPR can impact you and what you can do to comply with them.

You, ideally, want a one-stop shop where all the requirements can be handle together by a team.

GDPRLanka provide just that.