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With our collective experience and proprietary training modules, we are well geared to help businesses overcome marketing obstacles or simply improve on existing performance. We use innovative approaches that combine with time tested principals. We base our strategies on data and are committed to test before rolling out. We offer our clients a committed solution as stakeholders in the project if need be. In short, we are willing to walk our talk as your marketing consultant.


What will happen if we train our staff and then they leave us?

What will happen if we don’t?

With a background knowledge gained from a collective 60 years in the marketing profession, Direct Solutions has created a range of training modules that can be delivered in-house. Ranging from strategic planning to financial measurement and creative development, there are 12 in total and all delivered by acknowledged industry experts.

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Direct Solutions Services
Direct Solutions Services

Response Advertising

Persuading someone to act is the hardest job in advertising but we have been running response generating campaigns for 19 years. Not to mention what we did before we formed Direct Solutions.

There is a big difference between brand and response advertising and DS are past masters at the latter.

From email to SMS, leaflets to press ads; inserts to blogs; social media posts and telemarketing scripts, Direct Solutions can – and does – create them all with one goal in mind.

To get the reader to act NOW.