About Us

Smart(er) thinking

Our approach to a strategy relies on one simple question.

What can improve your bottom line?

To answer that we look at all aspects of your business and customer base to discover the highlights and gaps.
Only then can we devise the relevant means of increasing your profits.

About Us

Company Overview

We are a BOI approved company that was created to fill the void for data based marketing services. Our Founder Directors, Priyanga Hapugalle & Ian Ramsden count over 60 years in the profession and have produced cutting edge strategies and programmes for a diverse range of local and international clients.

Whilst our core competence lies in data analytics and strategy for customer retention activity, we are well positioned to conduct targeted lead & customer acquisition campaigns with full creative execution across most media.


All of which is reflected in the quality of our results.


We set KPI’s and use tracking/measurement tools and focus firmly on back end measurement because without measurable results no campaign can progress.

We believe strongly in testing before committing a budget so we learn where you’re generating the greatest profit.


Number Crunching

We consider ALL the supporting facts to construct a solid strategy.

From past results, marketing allowable, lapsed customer values, lifetime values, cost per response and cost per sale etc. we provide strategies that are based on facts, and not a hunch.



Between us we have 60+ years’ experience and knowledge across most brands and sectors and we’ve used that experience to advise many companies how to get more for their budget.

In fact, we’ve developed campaign strategies that have changed the way companies do business.

That’s the power of knowledge.


"Glocal" Approach

Our commitment to research keeps us in tune with the latest results worldwide. We have been judges at the Loyalty World Awards for the last 7 years and judged the best work from 22 countries.

We combine this exposure with our experience of the local consumer and market. We understand the pulse of our people to know what works and not.