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Customer Acquisition & Lead Generation

The most important element of new customer acquisition is the targeting, followed by the offer and then by the creative approach.

We have collectively specialised in targeting for over 40 years and derived creative solutions that are geared to one goal. Obtaining a response and measuring the value each response brought.

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Customer Loyalty & CRM Solutions

Today, internationally, a greater share of budget is spent on retention than acquisition because it costs more to acquire than retain.

With our deep knowledge of customer retention we are well positioned to advise and develop bespoke CRM and Loyalty programmes that do not rely on traditional methodology.

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Customer Insights & Big Data

They both offer the deep analysis of a customer database(s) in order to derive knowledge that will enhance the marketing ability of the company to increase sales and satisfaction of its customers.

Direct Solutions specialize in the analysis of data in order to create relevant strategies that focus on increasing the customer value.

About Us

Direct Solutions

We are a Strategic Consultancy that helps companies drive incremental revenue and extend the customer lifetime through strategic customer retention programmes.

We engage big data & customer analytics to create these strategies.

Analyse, Strategise, Synergise your Customer Relationships

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We provide brilliant ideas & adding success to your business

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